Listening Devices

This body of work is focusing on creating listening devices for us to evolve into emotionally mature homosapiens. The Gender divide needs to adopt “listening” to one another more than ever. Aesthetically this is an exciting prospect, imagining what an “evolving listener” could look like in 2030.

The LISTENING DEVICES all together and mid way through working out the make up of a good listener.
Listening Device no 1.
Listening device no 2. Is it hard to hear when we haven’t evolved critical listening?

Listening Device no3. Restricted interest in the theatre of the absurd.
Listening device no4. The noise settles down, which is an uneasy reflection.
Listening Device no5. Human Resources is operational.
Listening Device no 6. The management of reform.
Listening Device no7. Bound in suffragette linen, the new normal.
Listening device no8.

The telling,
Listen so slowly,
for it has a story previously unnavigated in trepidations of hefty boots.
Familiar language hear anew.
and communicate, to empathise you’re listening too.
Listening Device no9. Noise is no excuse.
Listening Device no10. Emergence with a nuance found in humility.
This is the size that I will print out my listening devices digital paintings 140cm x140cm Size matters when tackling a big subject.
Listening Device no12. All at sea.
Listening device no13. The Magnificence of new sounds.
Listening devices study 30x30cm digital painting, first part of the process.
Oil paint is going on an experiment between the materiality of the printed surface and oil painting.
Is not all behind the sheets
Australian raven keeps a eye on the listening

Baroque men are considered to be self assured and rather set in stone, flamboyant in sermon the preacher does not expect to learn, he understands that the true order is entitled and certain. 17 Century thinking, although patriarchal serves him well.

A counter revolutionary female ascendency does not suit such men.Women are now setting the agenda, this is overwhelming to those without ears.

These paintings are evolving with a multimedia painting methodology, combining digital Painting/drawing, sculpture,photography, and oil painting. Finding common ground is the objective, in this shifting paradigm, where the aesthetic may become a little less flamboyant and require a more minimalist feminine touch where commonality will prevail and listening may begin .

The QUACK PREACHER is a growing picture, on a journey of discovery, and solutions to a 2021 reawakening of the “feminine” in a post misogynistic Australian male ecosystem.

Listening carefully, digital painting with plasticine sculpture 2021
The iPad allows me to scan my little plasticine sculpture IN 3D! Here it is, I guess that now allows me to print it bigger. Stay tuned

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