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Missing 3minute MP4 HD Video, Stella Downer Fine art,
We are missing smiles because the Covid -19 Masks are covering up expressions, and it is hard to read people. The swing is empty missing a 3 year old, and the child’s toy is reminiscent of a parent missing the innocence of their toddlers growing up. We have depicted the lost kisses and someone’s teeth too. In the background the tree which is painted with real acrylic paint and an old school brush, is a symbol to remind us that life has cycles and if we find it difficult to see purpose and wellbeing, we can always look to nature for a little solace, in time, if allowed, can bring new growth.
Stella Downer fine art Gallery wall October 10, 2020 MISSING Final works.

People are missing hugging and travelling,
Here are the three pieces, of art up on the gallery wall with the QR code to gather more ideas. Two weeks to go
We remember what we miss when we see beauty around our living. I have painted the flower on in our composition.
Here is the next installment of our collaboration. I will print it on canvas and add to it with some old school painting next. Mary told me she is missing her deceased father. I tried to depict these heartfelt emotions in our artwork. I empathised with a memory of my father I visited regularly overseas in Vienna when he was alive. This is the coffee pot that sent around a nurturing aroma in his flat, the brew would be consumed during long reminiscing conversations full of love. I hope this brings you a little solace Mary. I also added the wave in memory of Peter’s brother-in-law who I also regarded fondly, for his love of surfing, family, art, and teaching us that to “live well, is to love well”.
What next folks 2.5 weeks to go. tell me what is Missing?
We have just added Ian’s idea into our artwork; He is missing learning massage therapy because of COVID-19 restrictions. He asked us to put hands linking to form a dove, one covered in a nitrile glove used in the profession. I am looking for a way to show a memory of a loved parent for the next instalment stay tuned and give me more ideas.

This is where we can collaborate in our growing picture over four weeks at Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery starting September 15 until October 10th, 2020

Missing something, the human condition conjures up many feelings and memories. During the past 5 months we have all been missing something. I would like to draw that little piece of absence in a collaborative drawing.

What would you like to add to this drawing?

This is my civil art practise, the culmination of two years researching how a visual voice can evoke new insights with the confluence of many contributing ideas from you on the one theme.

I will listen to you and draw what comes to mind in one composition over four weeks.

Poems, stories, funny anicdotes, read what others have said below, and add to their comments. This will be our big picture on the chosen theme of “MISSING”

So JOIN IN, and watch it grow here or in Stella’s Gallery where I will put up a new drawing at the end of each week. The final one on the last weekend of the exhibition (OCTOBER 10).

There will be a 2 min video work of our collaboration will be on show there too.

In anticipation folks: Please Comment below on what is MISSING, and let me respond with my scribbles!


22 thoughts on “Missing

  1. This will be epic! Looking forward to watching it grow.

    I have had a recurring image in my head these past months. During my Covid Lockdown-affected course in Remedial Massage, I have been very focused on my hands. The big concern for us was, when we were finally to be allowed to return to clinic, after doing all remaining theory courses on Zoom, what new rules would be imposed? Would skin-to-skin contact with strangers even be permitted, or would we be massaging forever through blue nitrile gloves?

    So: two human hands, one gloved in blue nitrile, perhaps the other hand ungloved (and unloved – a fortuitous auto-spell correction!), linked together at the thumbs like a hand shadow puppet (ie. a return to parlour games of yore during the boredom of Lockdown), to form the silhouette of the peace dove released by Noah over the floodwaters, with fingers forming the dove’s flapping wings…

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    1. Wow Ian you have really beautifully described visually your MISSING and it will certainly be a feature in our second artwork on display at the gallery in the second week of the exhibition thank you so much for your support in this exciting new project


    1. Oh Mary, Missing, I know how you feel, it was my mum’s birthday on 30th of August. She passed away in 1988, it gets better with time, and you will see this project has two parts that i will be showing in the Gallery(unfortunately in Sydney). One is the growing Picture over 4 weeks, and the other is “Mother Moon”, an Ode to my mother. I feel for you and thank you for connecting with this project. We may have some way of drawing in a kind memory.


  2. Hi Eric,
    Was wondering if I can suggest ‘travel I’m missing the joy of being able to travel and move around freely. Maybe you may be able to incorporate that into your upcoming work.

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    1. It is interesting how we take travel for granted in 2020 with cheap airfares and access to most countries, and when we are locked into our borders, for some a choice made during the time of abundance, would we have made different choices knowing with hindsight what we know today. Thank you Steve stay tuned and see you at the show hopefully


  3. Eric. I miss ‘Smiles’. It does not matter how much we see of people trying to twinkle their eyes, it is not the same as seeing a huge smile coming towards us in greeting. Perhaps see through face masks would be a solution although at the moment there is not too much to smile about.

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  4. Eric,
    What great work! Yes, I am also missing sitting at a table with good coffee or wine having meaningful conversation’ with friends.


  5. I am missing the simple joy of sitting having lunch on a Saturday listening to the Goon Show, comedy at its most absurd. When you had to make time because you couldn’t stream.

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  6. Thank you Leigh, the comedy of the absurd is definitely missing in our streaming life. Everything is standardised and the goons going to unexpected funny places is hard to find in our day and digital age . Stay tuned and we might be able to reinvigorate your Saturday lunches


  7. I’m with Leigh. I miss simplicity. Complications and layers of choice seem to have invaded everything. I also miss my brother-in-law who cherished the simple important things; his family, friends and the ocean.

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  8. Hey Eric
    In these COVD times, I miss the simple act of shaking hands, giving a gentle kiss on the cheek or a big hug when you greet someone or say goodbye.


    Hiya Eric
    Not sure how to link into missing. So sending it on insta. When I was 3 I went missing . Mum left me on the swings at chatswood shops in the carpark while she quickly went inside to get something she had forgotten. I thought she had forgotten me so decided to walk home which was about 15kms away. When mum came back I was missing. She frantically could police and they eventually found me about 1km away in a milk bar. The people took me in and also rang police. I remember walking all that way then getting to a point where I didn’t know which way to go so of course started crying.
    Its a feeling I’ll never forget and the same for mum.
    Hope show going well.


  10. Missing: one sense of purpose in life. Please return to Helen if found. Reward: my heartfelt thanks. A sense of purpose … sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. It’s not clear to me why it comes and goes, but life is much more when I have it.


  11. Hi Eric and Stella,

    I picked up the final panel of this beautiful cumulative work from the Gallery today and it will be going onto the wall of my yet-to-be-constructed massage therapy clinic space in my home. The piece feels like I personally commissioned it. My gloves/dove contribution was soon joined by other “missing” elements, all meaningful to the contributors and linked by theme. The ideas came together through Eric’s skill and sensitivity to make a richly textured collaborative artwork. I am thrilled with it. I now have a starting point for the challenge of determining the room’s relaxing decor.


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