The idea behind this little collaborative effort is to help the government get it’s act together, to share the message about GETTING VACCINATED so we can resume a normal existence in Australia and especially NSW.

You’re FREE to COPY AND PASTE the GIF or JPEG below and add it to you’re socials. Please be civil and respectful to others when doing so.

A FREE GIF you can add to your social feed
Just copy and paste
A FREE jpeg you can copy and paste to your social feed
The PM may do well to adopt the Little Feisty Virus Jabber

Go Jabbin on green screen so we can drop into any scenario
And we need to translate the message for those who,don’t speak English in Australia

VIDEO IN FRENCH FROM MY GOV HEALTH WEBSITE; https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/covid-19-vaccines-animation-in-french

Let me know how to translate JABBING ECHIDNA in other languages and I will link it to the My GOV website.

Gladys Covid update 20.8.21


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